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30.05.2018: IMTES-2019 – Innovations in Metalworking Industry
28.05.2018: IMTES-2019
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30.05.2018: IMTES-2019 – Innovations in Metalworking Industry
28.05.2018: IMTES-2019
30.05.2018: IMTES-2019 – Innovations in Metalworking Industry
28.05.2018: IMTES-2019
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Metalworking machine: drilling machines, grinding machines, gear machines, milling machines, eletromechanic and electrophysical metal processing machines, band-sawing machines (band saws).

Forge-and-press machinery: mechanical and hydraulic presses, forge-and-press automation, incl. CNC, horizontal forging machines, bending and straightening machines, metal shears, cold knurling and mandrel machines.

Bearings. All kinds of bearings: sliding bearings, hub bearings, etc. equipment for bearings production.

Hydraulic and pneumatic tools, pneumatic instrument, lubricating equipment, filters, electric engines (asynchronous and double-current motor drives, etc.

Instrument: metal-cutting instrument, cutting edge tools, abrasive tools, professional diamond tools; superhard material instrument. Electric instrument, plasma cutting tools, professional pneumatic instrument, fitting-and-assembling toosl, engine repair tools and some other instrument. System of instrumentation, coding and inventory of plasma cutting and other types of instrument. Complex supply of machine systems with toolkits.

Foundry. technologies and equipment for foundry industry. Foundry equipment and molding material, foundry technologies (foundry and all technological processes related to foundry and foundry equipment), foundry shop, welding equipment.

Welding technologies and equipment. Technologies for electric welding of metals, for plasma, laser and gas-flame welding, cutting, hard-surfacing, for thermal-processing, resistant welding, for soldering, welding equipment renovation

Sheet metal working technologies. Sheet metal, tube, sections (ferrous and non-ferrous) separation, cutting, handling, forming, flexible sheet metal working, machine elements, joining welding, fastening,  tube / section processing, surface treatment of sheet metal,  automation and robotics

Controlling, regulating, measuring, testing  machines, tools and instruments: automated measuring system. Measuring equipment for automated complexes. In-process gage for surface quality and form accuracy. Systems and tools for control and diagnostics of metal-working machinery, equipment and metal-processing tools. Measuring tools and devices, quality assurance, data processing

Industrial coating

Automation and robotics, industrial information technologies. Software, production automation, associate items and component parts, machine-tool attachment, operational goods. Controlling system preparation units, CAD programs, automated control systems and process design. Devices and elements for metal-working equipment automation (metal-working machines). Electrical equipment set and actuators. Geared systems and gear motors. Unified assembly, sockets, general mechanical rubber goods, operational goods, etc.

Handling and Warehousing Equipment, handling and lifting appliances. Logistics.

Repairing and reconstruction and update of machines and equipment. Repair and update of technological equipment, reconstruction of machines and equipment, service maintenance, including metallurgical industry, at various plants. Machines for engines repair.

Environment protection


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